2015 in Review

By Christine Volker

We were pleased to launch our new website in 2015. By now we hope that all of you have checked it out. The address is: http://www.richmondlibraryfriends.org.

Thank you to all of our members, donors of funds and books, book purchasers and volunteers!

We are also grateful to the City of Richmond employees who contribute to our efforts each year.

We would not achieve the impact we do without your support.

Reflecting our mission to be a transparent organization, we are sharing details below about our financial condition. You can see how funds you contribute are put to work. Following is a summary of our financial condition. (Our fiscal year is from 7/1 to 6/30.)


Six Months Ending 12/31/15
Fiscal Year Ending 6/30/15

Income Statement 6 Mos: 12/31/15 12 Mos: 6/30/15
Donations $4,975 $2,367
Books Sales $2,130 $3,185
Membership $1,395 $4,430
Other $100 $1,088
Total Revenue $8,600 $11,070
Admin Expenses $0 $1,548
Library Programs $3,810 $11,466
Net Income $4,790 -$2,278
Admin Expense / Total Income 0% 14%
Total Assets $42,334 $38,189

After covering necessities such as postage and printing, our all-volunteer organization utilizes the rest of the funds we receive to sponsor current and future library programs. We wish to specially recognize our Corporate, Sponsor and Patron members along with our In Memoriam donors.

Corporate Sponsors

Ghilloti Brothers
Wilson & Kratzer Mortuaries
Sponsor Members
May Barbano
Erle and Phyllis Brown
Jan and Bob Burdick
Gilberto A. Cooper
Doug and Rosemary Corbin
Joan Costello
David Duer
Stephen R. Early and Suzanne Carol Gordon
Josh and Elaina Genser
Miriam Joscelyn
Katherine Kiehn
John T. and Jean Knox
Ellen Liebman
Sandi Genser-Maack and Lynn Maack
Robert S. Newton
Morris Simpson
Stephen Schaefer
Christine and Stephan Volker
Carole and Donald Woodrow

Patron Members

Margaret Accornero Baker
Raymond and Betty Barnett
Martha Bielawski
Lucy Carlund
Emma Clark
Angela Cox
Jan Diamond
Gerald Wm. and Eleanor Flaherty
Lilian T. Fujimoto
Sara Goolsby
Gail Holmes
Mary McVittie
I. Diane Mitchell
North and East Neighborhood Council
Joni Owen
Judith Pordes
Michele R. Ramos
Mark Roquet
Elizabeth Soujourner

In Memoriam

Douglas Holtzman and Jennifer Smith in memory of Stephanie Kennedy
Westside Branch Library Book Club in memory of Leslie O’Hara

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