May Happenings

By Christine Volker

Thanks to everyone who purchased books at our May 21 book sale! We offered great books at low prices. They included best sellers, as well as art and cocktail table books. We enjoyed a steady stream of patrons and intend to repeat the sale to increased success next year.

Below are visual highlights, including Richmond councilmember, Vinay Pimple, purchasing an audiobook. Many found the offerings irresistible, like Emma Clark on our board and Katy Curl, Library and Cultural Services Director (not pictured).

Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 9.50.32 PM
Vinay Pimple and Joni Owen   


Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 10.02.17 PM
Emma Clark


Screenshot 2016-05-30 at 10.02.23 PM.png
Sometimes deciding isn’t easy


Not only did we sell hundreds of books on May 21, we also conducted our Board and Annual Meeting. A key component was the selection of officers for our fiscal year starting July 1. Here are the officers:

Christine Volker, President

Emma Clark, Vice President

Michele Renee Ramos, Secretary

Cindy Valentine, Treasurer

Board members continuing onwards are: Martha Bielawski, Don Woodrow and Kathy Haug.

In addition, two members-at-large have also joined:

Gilberto A. Cooper

Antonia Lozon

We are pleased that their energy and skills will join with ours as we make the Friends an even more vibrant organization.

Our deep thanks go to:

Martha Bielawski, outgoing President, for her service and dedication in the office.

We are grateful for the work of these individuals who are leaving the board:

Dianne Wightman, who expertly and efficiently served as Co-Treasurer for 13 years.

Lucy Carlund, who skillfully assisted in the Treasurer function; we are pleased that she will continue to dedicate herself to our book sorting and sales operation.

Betty Ann Barnett, who is retiring from the board after many years.

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