Member Surveys

by Christine Volker

In May Untitledwe reached out to members, exploring potential activities and their suggestions. Thank you to all of our respondents!

Here’s the scoop: The response rate was an incredible 40%. This demonstrates that our members are engaged and care about our organization and its mission.

They support book sales, which are a critical fund raising mechanism, they donate books and/or purchase them from us. 64% have read our newsletter, a key in our ongoing communication and community building. 58% have borrowed materials from the library in the past year.

Their views of which goals are most important (voting for more than one was allowable):

Raise funds for the library (69%), build a culture of literacy (41%), act as an advocate for library funding (41%). Their suggestions for programs include: author talks (46%), large book sales (27%), with additional tips on resume writing workshops, special programs like music in the library, doing joint programs with the Richmond Public Library Foundation and the Library Commission.

Current book donation hours were cited by a few members as too narrow and inconvenient. We’re working on that.

Thanks to all of our members for their thoughts and suggestions.

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