From Heli Perrett

Point Richmond is the home of the West Side Branch of the Richmond Public Library system, which plays an important role in community life. The neighborhood is also the home of an unbelievable number of writers and published authors.

This became clear a few months ago when a writers group was established under the auspices of the Arts of Point Richmond (AOPR). News of the group’s formation generated a surprisingly large response. Membership had to be capped at 20 since the group meets monthly in members’ homes to better permit open and informal discussion.

Most group members have published one or more books and are actively writing others. Their books include historical novels, mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, romances, memoirs, short-story collections, poetry collections, self-help and health books. Members also write plays and screenplays. This is not the usual type of writing critique group. Rather, it meets to discuss key issues in writing, publishing, and marketing of books. Participants share their own experience and learning with one another. The goal is “writer-helping-writer.”

Outside the monthly meeting context, the Point Writers Group is also planning some joint book publicity and marketing activities, and will help and encourage each other at book launches, lectures, and similar events.

The group is also currently exploring how it can best collaborate with the Richmond Public Library, perhaps to donate books for special “local author” displays, do book launches and signings at local libraries, and in other ways. Suggestions are welcome.

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